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Located at the heart of the “Technic Valley” in Haute-Savoie department, Legendre Technic has been developing and selling its know-how since 1989. The company was created by Pierre Legendre, and today it is ran by his two sons Ludovic and Guillaume, whose goal is to expand the family’s business firm.

Legendre Technic is specialised in the conception and production of precision mechanical parts in medium series. As a human-size company, it offers its customers a careful listening and great attention to their needs and priorities, in order to meet with their specific expectations.

The company provides a know-how built on both tradition and cutting-edge technologies for the manufacturing of screw-machined parts of any type of material, including stainless-steel, titanium, and superalloys, in diameters of 2 to 65 millimetres.

Thanks to its flexibility, experience and peak equipment, Legendre Technic is able to deliver its customers within four weeks in average, and at a competitive rate.

Leading-edge technologies in the service of craft industry

Ludovic and Guillaume are proud to call themselves “craftsmen” which they associate with proximity and trust, engagement, and work of high quality.
In parallel they have understood the necessity of adaptation in a constantly evolving industry, and have been increasing their performance through the new available technologies: they have invested in numerical-control machines and computer assisted production management (CAPM).
Today the company invests 10 to 15 % of its turnover in its means of production in order to meet demanding customers’ requests with precision, quality, and performance.

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Your company’s image depends on your products’ quality, and you are looking for providers and subcontractors whose excellence is able to meet your demanding needs for high quality.


To remain competitive, you expect from your subcontractors to propose you the best tariffs without compromising the quality.
Legendre Technic invests 10 to 15 % of its turnover in its machine park to maintain a high level of productivity. Our staff is trained and experienced with new technologies and our mastery of innovative tools allows us to offer you a fair and equitable value for money.


Our time deliveries are of the fastest of the market because our small structure is our best asset: we are flexible and skilled and thus reactive to your needs and requests.


You are facing an economic environment which can be threatening for your industry, and beyond prices, your competitive advantage relies on fast deadlines.
We have understood that time is a key factor, and thanks to our small structure we are able to work with flexibility to ensure a time delivery of four weeks in average.


You are in need for complex parts processed in various materials. We are able to process and screw-cut precise parts in different materials, such as stainless-steel, titanium and superalloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and plastics (PVC, Teflon…).


A professional and passionate team works for you with know-how and experience. We have received as a legacy the tradition and the willing to create the beautiful work, to which we have associated a strong qualification and leading-edge technologies.


We work on complex parts with any kind of materials including stainless-steel, titanium, and superalloys, in dimensions of 2 to 65 millimetres bars, and 65 to 200 millimetres in slogs (lopins).We renew our cutting-edge equipment periodically so we can meet your needs.

La société met au service de ses clients un savoir-faire éprouvé qui associe la tradition aux technologies de pointe pour la fabrication de pièces décolletées et usinées, à partir de tous types de matière, y compris l’Inox, le Titane et les super alliages, dans des diamètres allant de 2 à 65 mm.
Grâce à une structure souple, à l’expérience de son équipe et à un équipement de pointe régulièrement renouvelé, la société est en capacité de proposer des délais de livraison de 4 semaines en moyenne à des tarifs compétitifs.

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