Our Means

Screw-machining is a mean of automatic and continuous production of small mechanical parts. These parts are machines from cylindrical, hexagonal or profiled bars and manufactured in medium and large series with high and constant quality and precision. Unlike mechanics, where man works with the help of a machine, in the screw-machining, it is the machine which works with the help of the man

Fixed spindle

Numerical control lathes with movable headstocks a production unit of numerical control lathes with remove headstock allow the machining of parts on plan ranging from diameter 2 to diameter 32.

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Movable doll

Numerical control lathes with fixed dolls a numerical control unit with fixed headstock allows the machining of parts on plan, ranging from diameter 15 to diameter 65 in bars, and in blocks up to diameter 200

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Multi spindle turns

Multi spindle lathes these machines are capable of machining parts in medium and large series in high production, in order to minimize costs