Undercutting – Machining



Shipbuilding industry

Aeronautic industry

Outsourcing for undercutting and machining of precision mechanical parts for the aeronautic industry. Legendre Technic can produce small and medium series, no matter what material you need to use, including stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium.



From the smallest to the biggest seri, our capacities for production allow us to meet many requests: cheap jewellery, door and window frames, electricity, plumbing, decoration, ironwork, locksmithing, roof windows, balustrade, handrail.


We produce parts in medium series for big customers, as well as in small series for maintenance.

Others industries

Luxury industry

The luxury industry requires specific competencies and technicality for the work of perfection it implies. We guarantee you the quality of production that is also of your image.
Domains: luxury jewellery, leather goods, accessories, spectacle manufacturing, cosmetics (roll-on applicator).
Materials: brass, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel.

Medical industry

Traceability, a clean environment, and specific materials are imperative in the medical industry.
We have developed competencies which allow us to meet those high requirements. We also do marking.


Screw-cutting and machining of precised mechanical parts for many industries .

Subject area : food industry, plastic injection, winery, hydraulic  ….



We ensure a complete delivery which may include surface treatments, thermal treatments, anodising and tribofinishing (polishing, deburring, chamfering).

Machined materials

Production of precision mechanical parts for small and medium series for the shipbuilding industry

Electrical parts: clutches, brakes, engines, shearbolt (vis de rupture).
Stainless-steel machining for the food industry.
Agricultural material